thelamco stands ready to assist you in making your converting concepts a marketing reality. At thelamco, there is virtually no challenge we cannot accept within the limitations of our equipment capabilities and collective intelligence. We have more than 30 years of expertise in product development and trial services to shorten your time to market. We listen closely and in complete confidentiality to determine the feasibility of your project. We'll share our ideas and expertise that will help streamline your demanding development process. We'll conduct trial runs to prove our process, and provide you a consistent product, run after run.

Development Life Cycle
Generally, thelamco undergoes five stages of product development covering concept to completion:

  • Identify product options, project parameters and suitable vendors
  • Cost analysis
  • Initial trials to identify appropriate coating method, verify specifications, and run speeds
  • Formal quote to identify project deliverables and quantity/price breakdown
  • Final trial runs (production ramp-up) to create and test samples for end use

Pricing Strategies
Our pricing strategies will provide your firm with the flexibility to utilize the most efficient method to support an economically viable process. thelamco can supply raw materials or use customer supplied coatings and proprietary formulas that we apply to your raw materials so as to reduce markups. We also allow customers to purchase raw materials from thelamco at volume pricing. thelamco routinely manages the logistics of supply and inventory, warehousing volume purchases in our climate-controlled environment to provide you with JIT distribution of your scheduled orders.

If you're seeking an able manufacturing partner to help expand your product line and grow your business, please contact us toll free at (866) 926-6101.

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