1Faustel Mark V Coaters/Laminators
1Thelma 1Thundar
1Coating and Laminating Method 1Direct gravure 1Direct gravure
1Maximum web width 156 inches 160 inches
1Maximum line speed 11000 fpm 11000 fpm
1Primary unwind diameter 160 inches 160 inches
1Rewind diameter 160 inches 178 inches
1Seconday unwind diameter 160 inches 184 inches
1Combining nip temperature 1Up to 210 degrees F 1Up to 210 degrees F
1Chill section 14 roll 14 roll
1Drying Capabilities
124 foot oven - single stage 1Yes 1No
1In-line floating oven 1No 1Yes
1Temperature 1400 degrees F 1400 degrees F
1Air velocity 16000 fpm 16000 fpm
1Air volume 18800 cubic fpm 18800 cubic fpm
1Application Capabilities
1Polishing bar capabilities 1Yes 1Yes
1Solvent and water based capability 1Yes 1Yes
1In-line slitting/trimming 1Yes 1Yes
1Wide variety of application cylinders in stock 1Yes 1Yes
1Dusenbery 72" Slitter/Rewinder
1Score, shear and razor slitting capability 14 inches wide to 50 inches in diameter
1Minimum/maximum material weights 11-ply tissue to 100 mil polystyrenes
1Maximum web width
172 inches
1Maximum winding speed
12000 fpm
1Maximum unwind diameter
160 inches
1Maximum rewind diameter 150 inches
1Core sizes available
13", 4", 5", 6", 12"
160,000 sq ft office, manufacturing, warehouse, distribution facility
1Testing laboratory
1Production area heated via radiant heat
12 Faustel Mark V coater/laminators (w/built in thermal oxidizer incinerators)
11 Dusenbery 72" custom built slitter/rewinder
13 clamp trucks/2 lift trucks
1Scrap compactor and bailer
1Solvent distiller for clean-up waste recovery
14 loading docks (all sealed)

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