Specialized equipment makes everything possible
Custom built to accommodate the widest possible range of face stocks, thelamco operates two Faustel Mark V’s that offer excellent temperature and tension controls, generous air volume and velocity, the ability to handle ultra light weight (18 ga.) to heavier materials (60 mil), and web widths up to an absolute 63.5”.

Solvent or water-based flexibility
We can apply solvent or water-based coatings or adhesives as overall coverage or in a pattern as required, and can wet or dry bond. Newly added, state of the art ovens provide flotation drying for precise in-line curing. Thermal oxidizing incinerators are built right into our equipment, making our operations fully compliant with EPA standards.

thelamco operates two, direct gravure Faustel coaters at speeds up to 1000 fpm and maximum web widths of 63.5". We've recently added state of the art drying ovens.

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