Paper Products

Grooved, Duplex, Double Thick and Window/Aisle Banner are just some of the papers we convert for the Printing and Publishing Industry.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

thelamco manufactures multi-substrate adhesives and release coating configurations, lazor print, clear and white vinyl/liner combinations, piggyback, and more. Our customized solutions allow an endless variety of applications.



thelamco's reputation for combining lightweight films and foils requiring great finesse is well established in the converting industry. We combine films, metallized PET, reverse printed PET's and other substrates to a wide variety of high end to recycled paper, board, and PET's.



Our non-woven solutions utilize a variety of spunbond, tissue and scrim. We routinely apply spunbond to BOPP, film, SBS, and linerboard. Tissue can be applied to many substrates including SBS, tissue, and kraft paper.

More Options

More Options

Hook & Loop, patterned gravure films, and printed OP over non-wovens are just some of our more creative applications.

We Wrote The Book On Coating And Laminating

Interested in learning more of what thelamco's innovation can do for your company?

Let us bring you our latest sample book loaded with innovative solutions in paper, pressure sensitive adhesives, film, non-wovens, and more.

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