We're passionate about innovation
thelamco coats and laminates a diverse array of commercial grade roll stock for the printing and publishing industry. As a value-added service manufacturer, we convert an endless combination of substrates of varying textures, finishes and weights designed to meet specific performance demands. Our success is dependent not only on our ability to seamlessly integrate our conversion process with the characteristics these products must possess for printing and/or further conversion, but also dependent on meeting our customers' needs for consistent branding and economic viability. Innovative customers choose thelamco for our expertise and the value we deliver.

Any product can be made for your individualized application in a wide variety of rolled or cut sizes. Just some of the paper products manufactured by thelamco include:

  • BloxLite
  • Cover
  • Security
  • Tear Resistant
  • Duplex

Let our strength in execution help inspire your innovative ideas. Call us toll free today at (866) 926-6101 for a confidential discussion of your needs.