We service a variety of industries with a variety of materials
Our laminating and coating services cover a wide variety of materials, as we routinely handle ultra light weight (18 ga.) to heavier materials (60 mil), and have vast experience in utilizing different coating methods to meet individual needs. As such, our flexibility with multi-layer substrates attracts a gamut of industries for products requiring specific construction characteristics such as:

  • Special release coatings (varying tack, removable, repositionable)
  • Scuff resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Light blocking
  • Food grade
  • Dissipative (anti-static) coatings
  • Solvent or emulsion based technologies
  • Adhesives with overall coverage or in a pattern as required
  • Wet or dry bond

Specialized equipment makes it possible
Custom built to accommodate the widest possible range of roll stock, thelamco's equipment offers excellent temperature and tension controls, and generous air volume and velocity. Newly added, state of the art ovens provide flotation drying for precise in-line curing. Thermal oxidizing incinerators are built right into our equipment, making our operations fully compliant with EPA standards.

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